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1 year ago
At 7:24 he was stroking the other dudes dick. LOL
1 year ago
The guy with the red hat can't screw his way out of a wet paper sack
Kendrick 1 year ago
So lame.. 4 guys can't finish off the pussies of two girls.. limp dicks everywhere
Paradox 1 year ago
Nigerians: “It’s dangerous to be gay in Nigeria”
Also in Nigeria: *Mfs stoking their homies’ dangalang with lube so that they can slide into the cooch of some corner store bitch*
I55North 1 year ago
Seriously. A porn scene with a mask.
1 year ago
Bro did this dude just rub lube on another mans dick ️
Fuckondrugs 1 year ago
This is not matured
1 year ago
this is rubbish
1 year ago
Dude got on a mask button condom
Yzhabbsjsjz 1 year ago
So disgusting and immature